Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Updated

Nintendo have updated the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game to Version 2.2.0 requiring 146.1 MB (plus a 142 MB in-app update), adding the Happy Homeroom feature, changing the app icon, and more! Patch notes added below along with ‘Decorate your dream campsite’ and ‘Our top 20 updates’ trailers.

  • Added the Happy Homeroom feature.
  • Added the ability to claim all goal rewards at once.
  • Added the ability to cycle through goal pages.
  • Added the ability to go straight to the fortune cookie shop from the map.
  • Changed the app icon.
  • Changed title screen and loading screen designs.
  • Changed the themes of certain existing furniture items.
  • Adjusted on-screen display.
  • Implemented other bug fixes.

Edit: the game is now live! The Happy Homeroom feature requires HH Vouchers where you’ll use the furniture you have to practice your interior design skills. Your finished designs will be judged by Lottie and others. If you pass Happy Homeroom classes, your HH Rank will increase! As you rank up, you’ll get items like the HH material which can be used to make Golden Series furniture.

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