Dragalia Lost Updated

Nintendo/Cygames have updated the Dragalia Lost game to Version 1.4.5 requiring 3.7 GB (plus a 19.48 MB in-app update), with a Tenfold Summon Voucher free for each player. The update brings in the Valentine’s Confections event and prepares for the upcoming Void Battles. Full patch notes to be added below…

Event and New Content Implemented
The following have been implemented.
1. New event Valentine’s Confections added

2. Advance preparation for Void Battles

The following changes have been made.
1. Changed the rules for when the Elemental Ruins event quests openUp until now, the elemental ruin quests you could challenge varied based on the day of the week, but from now on you will be able to challenge Beginner and Standard quests for all elements at any time. The Expert quest you can challenge will continue to change based on the day of the week.
Additionally, up until now Beginner and Standard quests for all elements were available on weekends, but you will now be able to challenge Beginner, Standard, and Expert quests.

2. Other changes
The game will now display a pop-up notice when you acquire a facility as a reward for clearing the main story to let you know that you have acquired it.

Issues Fixed
The following issues have been fixed in this version.
・Debuff effects apply to adventurers in your team who are afflicted with freeze.
・When playing with Estelle as your helper, her Healing Faith helper skill does not restore HP when the adventurer you are controlling has the lowest HP percentage in the team.
・The notification list screen does not display properly on some devices.

Fixes for the following issues will be applied after a data update scheduled for this week.
・When playing a quest with Auto enabled, the AI sometimes uses certain recovery skills even if HP has not been decreased.
・When playing a quest with Auto enabled when there is an adventurer wielding a dagger that has a recovery skill in the party, the recovery skill is sometimes used immediately after continuing.

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