Shinya Takahashi On Unannounced Titles

Further to our previous report, we now have some official translations from Nintendo regarding new titles this calendar year with Shinya Takahashi stating “We have titles currently in development that we havenʼt announced yet, some of which weʼre preparing to release this year.” Takahashi then goes on to say that delays are not anticipated.

A later investor question regarding the company’s pursuing of depth, Takahashi states “In addition to the titles we have already announced for scheduled release in 2019, we’re also preparing for releasing software titles which would delight consumers including one that is good fit for Nintendo Switch Online.”

Rumours persist of a Nintendo Direct next week which could potentially debut the Metroid Prime Trilogy. The Direct rumours are from Resetera member king zell, who also says “There are a bunch of announcements coming this year… including Pikmin 3, Maker 2, Boxboy, and… 2D Zelda and Pokémon*”.

*Please note that these rumours are unverified.

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