Thursday Update: Indie World 2 With 20 Switch Games, Tortimer In Pocket Camp, Plus Much More News!

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● The Indie World 2 presentation saw 20 indie games featured with several new for Japan and two (Crystal Clash and Pico Park) new to Switch. Check out the presentation and recap at this post.

● The first new title announced was the high-speed puzzle game Crystal Clash【Chou Kougeki-teki Puzzle Gassen!】from Cold Fusion, which should release on the Japanese Switch eShop next Spring. Trailer posted here

● The second new game is the fun-looking co-op action puzzle game Pico Park from Teco Park, which will release on the Japanese Switch eShop sometime in 2019. Trailer posted here.

● In some what of a surprise, Wonderland Kazakiri released the instant death RPG BQM – BlockQuest Maker on the Japanese Switch eShop straight after the presentation priced at ¥1,480. Trailer posted here.

● Humble Bundle announced they are bringing the open world adventure and exploration game Forager to the Japanese Switch eShop this Winter. Trailer posted here.

● Nussoft will be releasing the excellent looking fighting game Kani no Kenka – Fight Crab – to the Japanese Switch eShop at some point in 2019 . Trailer posted here.

● House House + Panic will be bringing the stealth game Untitled Goose Game to the Japanese Switch eShop at some point in 2019. Trailer posted here.

● Ysbryd Games will be releasing the Japanese-style RPG YIIK: A Postmodern RPG on the Japanese Switch eShop in January (probably the 17th). Trailer posted here.

● Active Gaming Media and PLAYISM announced a Spring release window for the bartender simulation game VA-11 Hall-A on the Japanese Switch eShop. Trailer posted here.

● Teyon Japan will now release the action RPG Moonlighter: Tenshu to Yuusha no Bouken on the Japanese Switch eShop later this Winter priced at ¥2,000 (previously it was planned for 2018). Trailer posted here.

● Humble Bundle’s second localisation at Indie World 2 is for the roguelike card game Slay the Spire which should release on the Japanese Switch eShop this Winter. Trailer posted here.

● Nintendo announced that the next first round match in the ARMS Party Crash Bash will take place starting 04 January between Twintelle and Byte & Barq, with the winner taking on Max Brass in the second round.

● A retail listing for the Flyhigh Works published rhythm game Cytus α (Cytus Alpha) was spotted for a 25 April release priced at ¥6,264 with early purchases including a soundtrack CD. Expect an official announcement in tomorrow’s Flyhigh Express.

● Worker Bee announced they will be localising the simulation game Clouds & Sheep 2 to the Japanese Switch eShop in Japan on 17 January. Trailer posted here.

● Arc System Works officially confirmed that Guilty Gear XX ΛCore Plus R will not be released in 2018 and should instead release in 2019.

● Prototype opened up the website for CLANNAD confirming the game’s Spring 2019 release on Switch.

● Square-Enix will open a “Kaiun Omikuji S” page on the Dragon Quest XI: Sugisarishi Toki o Motomete S website on 01 January where your fortune will be told!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp saw a Chilly Jamboree event which requires snowballs caught through three events including Tortimer’s Floral Fancy (pictured) which started today. See full details of the new gardening event here and Gladys’s Camellia Cookie, which also opened today, here.

Dragalia Lost was updated to Version 1.3.1 today requiring a massive 3.2 GB, but adding Chapter 7, gifting a Tenfold Summon Voucher, fixing a few bugs and announcing a whole load of new events. Check out this post for the full details.

Fire Emblem Heroes saw Bound Hero Battle Revival: Hector & Matthew  today and will see Legendary Hero (Azura: Vallite Songstress) tomorrow! Check out the Azura trailers here.

● Mebius are currently preparing the 2D action game AGARTHA-S for North American and European Switch release.

● ITL released the puzzle game Mentori Puzzle on the European Switch eShop today and in North America on 03 January.

● Regista announced they want to localise DEI GRATIA no Rashinban as DEI GRATIA in the fifth day.

Nintendo Co., Ltd. stock rebounded by +4.25% today to close trading at 29,310.00.

Dengeki charts saw Kunio-kun・The World Classics Collection selling 5,113 on Switch and 4,731 on PS4. Failing to chart (and opening with less than 2,706) were Battle Princess Madelyn, Fate/EXTELLA Best Collection, Fit Boxing, Kato Hifumi Kudan Kanshuu: Hifumin no Shogi Dojo, THE Nameko no Puzzle, Nightshade/Hyakka Hyakurou, Root Letter Last Answer and Yoshiwara Higanbana Kuon no Chigiri.

● Check out the top 15 most wanted games from Nintendo DREAM readers here.

● A video of Masahiro Sakurai visiting the Atlus offices, answering a few questions and gifting Morgana a drawing of Kirby in a Morgana mask here.

● Two Japanese TV commercials for GO VACATION here.

● Gameplay footage of the trial version of Zoids Wild: King of Blast here.

● Introduction video for SEGA AGES Gain Groundhere.

● Promo video for Wizard’s Symphony here.

● TV commercial for Dragon Marked For Death here.

● Additional content videos for Tsukue de Soccer here.

● And TV commercials for GetAmped Mobile here

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