Super Mario Home & Party

Nintendo Sales Co., Ltd. have announced a huge Super Mario Home & Party range of goods scheduled for release on 07 December 2018 in Japan. Items include rugs, blankets, slippers, paper holders, rubber mascots and much more Check out the goods below!

? Block Rug

Piranha Plant Cushion & Warp Pipe Blanket

? Block Cushion & Super Mushroom Blanket

Bullet Bill Paper Holder

Bob-omb Paper Holder

Piranha Plant Slippers & Warp Pipe Storage

Wall Stickers


Ice Cube Tray (Item)

Ice Cube Tray (Block)

Paper Plate Set (8-bit Stage)

Paper Plate Set (Character & Item)

Rubber Mascot (Bullet Bill)

Rubber Mascot (Goomba)

Rubber Mascot (Blooper)

Rubber Mascot (Super Mushroom)

Rubber Mascot (Super Star)

Rubber Mascot (Boo)

Rubber Mascot (Fire Flower)

Rubber Mascot (Cheep Cheep)

Rubber Mascot (Chain Chomp)

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