Friday Update With Unshou Ishizuka Passes, Flower Festival Begins, Splatfest Revealed, And More News.

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Aoni Production report that Unshou Ishizuka (the voice of Dr. Yukinari Okido/Professor Samuel Oak in the Pokémon anime and Pokémon Snap) passed away on 13 August from oesophageal cancer.

● The Flower Festival event is on now in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, which differs from the past gardening events due to a cross-pollination element. Details of the event and rewards posted here.

● The next North American Splatfest will take place over the weekend of 25-26 August with the question of ‘Which utensil is more useful? The fork or the spoon?!’

● Kakehashi Games confirmed the retro action platformer The Messenger will also release in Japan on 30 August where we suspect it’ll cost ¥2,160.

● Cooler will be added to Dragon Ball FighterZ as playable DLC in late September (probably 27th in Japan) priced at ¥540. Trailer added here.

● X.D. Network announced that ICEY has surpassed two million sales across all platforms (no breakdown) and are adding Japanese dubbing to the smartphone and Steam versions.

● X.D. Network also announced that that the Switch version of Muse Dash should release towards the end of 2018.

● This weekend sees the pictured Mushi Tournament (Bug Off) in Tobidase Doubutsu no Mori (Animal Crossing: New Leaf).

● Super Rare Games have announced a limited edition physical release of Snake Pass in the West.

● Watch the first introduction video called ‘Topography Tool & Paint Tool Edition’ for LEGO Worlds: Mezase Master Builder here.

● And Fire Emblem Heroes today saw Weapon Workout Quests with Orbs, Arena Medals, Great Badges, and other rewards. Thanks for following and have a great weekend!


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