Super Mario Crossover Event – Round 2 On Now! 

The Super Mario Crossover Event Round 2 begins today in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp where you can craft new furniture and clothing items from 1-Up Mushrooms which you get when you complete requests for animals. Round 3 begins on 31 March with the full event finishing on 10 April. Full details of the second round after the bump… 

■ Round 2 Furniture

· ? Block (80 x 1-Up Mushrooms)

· floating Block (80 x 1-Up Mushrooms)

. Fire Flower (100 x 1-Up Mushrooms)

· 1-Up Mushroom (100 x 1-Up Mushrooms)

· Super Star (120 x Leaf Tickets)

■ Round 2 Clothing

· li’l bro’s hat (20 x 1-Up Mushrooms)

· li’l bro’s tee (20 x 1-Up Mushrooms)