Nintendo President thinks Switch sales will be able to compare with Wii 

Nikkei recently spoke with Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima who told them that the Nintendo Switch exceeded expectations during the holiday period  in Japan, Europe and the US. He also expects sales to exceed 20 million in the next fiscal year due of an increase in software from third parties and broadening the appeal from the likes of Nintendo Labo. Kimishima thinks this broadening of the customer base is the way to beat the 100 million sales of the Wii when asked about whether Switch is expected to do so…

Nikkei: The Wii which was released in 2006 surpassed 100 million total sales. Can Switch be expected to sell more than Wii?

Kimishima: We can compare the numbers in around two years after release. In the first year we’ll have game fans and Nintendo fans buy it. For the second year and beyond, it’s important to create a structure to make released games playable even further. If we can broaden the ways to play and the customer base, I think we’ll be able to compare it with Wii.

Many thanks to Kite Stenbuck for the translation. Please quote namecheck Japanese Nintendo if using the above, and yes, that includes you Nintendo Everything.

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