All Klon games removed from 3DS 

Klon Co., Ltd. have removed all their Nintendo 3DS eShop games from the respective eShop (including demo versions where applicable) with immediate effect. It is unknown why this is and whether Klon are still operating as a videogame company. The full list of titles are:-

  • Island Days 
  • Raishi
  • Raishi -Konpeki no Shou-
  • Soroban · Anzan · Flash Anzan Kanzenhan
  • Karous -The Beast of Re:Eden-
  • Nankou Furaku Sangokuden ~Shu to Toki no Doujaku~
  • Illvelo Dillinjah
  • Radirgy de Gojaru!
  • Nankou Furaku Sangokuden ~Wu to Ookawa no Eisha~
  • Nankou Furaku Sangokuden ~Wei to Ooinaru Sensen~

Karous -The Beast of Re:Eden- was also released in the west. It is unknown whether distribution is scheduled to end.

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