BOOST BEAST is the fourth Nintendo Switch title released by Arc System Works and is described by the publisher as a ‘Beat’em-up Puzzle game’. In other words, it’s a colour matching puzzle game, although in this variation; matching three or more blocks of the same colour leads animals of the same colour into battle against incoming zombie hordes.

The animal-zombie battles form some sort of tower defence game where the aim is to defend the king of dogs imaginatively titled Alec, who must rid the world of the attacking zombies. Zombies come in standard form (which can be defeated by any coloured animal) or in coloured form which can only be defeated by matching the same coloured blocks.

Several obstacles try and prevent you from saving the world including Rocks – which can only be cleared by matching three or more blocks next to them or the dreaded Skull Stone – which renders zombies as unkillable until destroyed (by the same way as the rocks). Fortunately Boost Monsters and Bombs are there to aid you in your adventure.

Bombs are created by matching four or more blocks of the same colour with the Big Bomb clearing the surrounding area, the Cross Bomb clearing all blocks on the same horizontal and vertical line, and the Colour Bomb clearing all bombs of the same colour against the matching zombie. The Boost Monsters give you one of the three bombs or a shuffle.

Each stage in the game features several hordes of zombies with some a boss too. Boss battles are fought the same way as regular battles although each boss includes a HP meter so you know just what needs to be done to beat them. Defeating the game could take some time (20 hours) as BOOST BEAST has over 200 stages filled with ravenous hordes. 

Unfortunately, even with the size of the game, there’s little variety on offer in the -admittedly annoyingly addictive- gameplay experience. More-so the player often has to rely on luck more than skill. Perhaps the most damning aspect is that the screen is displayed in almost a Super Game Boy-like portion, and in doing so becoming yet another lazy Nintendo Switch port.

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