Marth, Chrom and new characters in Fire Emblem Warriors 

This week’s issue of Weekly Famitsu will include new information and a developer interview with Fire Emblem Musou (Warriors) which is scheduled to release this Fall on both Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS and is currently 70% complete. As well as Marth and Chrom both being confirmed, two new character siblings – Shion & Lian have also been announced.

Update 1: The game will only feature characters from Shadow Dragon, Awakening & if/Fates. Two more new characters (unpictured) are Darios and Yuana). Musou will include standard FE features such as weapon triangle, unit classes and the character switch system. More characters will be included than a lot of first collaboration Musou titles. Archers and Mages also confirmed. However, there’s only friendships: no romance or marriages. Thanks to Kite.

Update 2: Added some new screenshots below the bump…

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