Nintendo say ‘no need for concern’ with Splatoon 2 voice chat

In an interview with the latest issue (187) of GamesTM, the Splatoon 2 development team help dispel any fears of online abuse from voice chat being added to the upcoming Online Lobby & Voice Chat app (due this Summer). Director Yusuke Amano says “There is no need for concern” and explains “The reason we included voice chat is because we wanted users who already know each other to enjoy the game more deeply using a communication tool that’s linked to the game.” Producer Hisashi Nogami adds “Voice chat can only be used when playing with someone you know, such as in private matchmaking; voice chat with someone you don’t know in random matchmaking won’t happen.”

In other highlights from the interview: Producer Shintaro Sato reveals that we can expect a better integration of unlocks from both the Hero, Battle and Salmon Run Modes: “You can utilise in multiplayer mode the things achieved in Hero Mode even more than the previous game, and conversely you can also utilise in Hero Mode what you achieve in multiplayer mode, so please look forward to that.” Check out the full interview at newsstands and on the App Store and Google Play now including what Shigeru Miyamoto thought of the squid characters “He seemed quite happy with them” and so much more! Subscribe here.