Baito explains why there won’t be any new badges 


Well, first I have some important news to share with you.

Since it’s so depressing, I need to say it quickly!

It’s been about two and half years since we’ve opened Badge Center[1].

On May 26th, we will get our last set of new badges.

However, it doesn’t mean we are closing shop!

It just means that we won’t be getting new badges.

Your badges won’t disappear, and you can still play games in the shop as you’ve always done!

There won’t be new badges, but machines will change daily!

On the contrary, that means the very rare badges will come back!

The reason we aren’t making new badges is because the save data has passed its limit!

This week, we’ve exceeded 10,000 badges!

We can only do a few more badges.

Do you want to hear why the badge case can only go to 1,000? 

Well, I’ll let you in a little secret!

The reason the badge case can only go to 1,000 is because of the limitations of the Nintendo 3DS! It’s because of the way the memory is divided! It’s different from the SD Card memory! It’s dependent on the amount of work can be done at once! Imagine doing some work on a desk! The 1,000 different set of badges have filled up the desk! There’s no more space to work with! During development, we’ve tried increasing the badge case over 1,000…but the 3DS crashed!

We were able to make it barely work with this limit! Since we can’t increase the 3DS memory, we are unable to make new badges!

When I first started here, I thought it’d be great to have over 3,000 types of badges..but having so many that we’ve reached the save data limit is quite a feat…! This is all thanks to you guys playing so much! You have my deepest thanks! Well, there’s one more thing that will change in the store…

Since there won’t be any new badges, my work will basically be finished! I didn’t get fired over the April Fools’[2]! The management didn’t get mad over other things either! I’ll still be here….but I’ll be repeating myself!

Original transcript here, text kindly translated by PushDustin of Source Gaming for Japanese Nintendo. Please feel free to re-post any or all of the above but please credit Japanese Nintendo.

[1] Collectible Badge Center launched on 17 December 2014.

[2] Baito announced the ‘game’ Crazy Galaxy on 01 April 2017.

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