Baito announces a new game – Crazy Galaxy! 

It’s 01 April in Japan and Collectible Badge Center has been updated accordingly with the new game Crazy Galaxy revealed in a special Badge Center Direct! No platform at presents but pictures and characters detailed below…

Crazy Galaxy stars five students who are attending astronaut school. Everyone except Ashley is a new character. 

The five are blown to the end of the universe due to an accident during spaceship practice. Here they must encounter aliens and they must fight or become friends with them and return to earth!

Coco-san is the first character and is in charge of cooking. 

Anna is in charge of mechanics and is re-modeling a car-like spaceship!

Claudia is in charge of battling with the aliens!

Vanessa has a megaphone-style gun and talks with the aliens!

Ashley has changed the staff to the guitar. Baito reiterates that female fighters are scary!

Crazy Galaxy however isn’t scheduled for release until the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Baito then comes clean that it is just (like Fire Emblem: Battle of Revolution earlier today) an April Fool. But: “Well, it may be true if you believe!? Today may be the beginning of the legend!”

There are six panels in total: one for each girl and one for the logo and aliens! There’s free plays too all week (until 7 April).

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