Six Virtual Console games release on Wii U  

City Connection have just released four Wii U Virtual Console games in Japan with the Jalaeco IPs Fire Fighting and Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai (both Super Famicom and both ¥823 each) and City Connection and Formation Z (both Famicom and both ¥514 each) along with the two already announced PC Engine games: Jaseiken Necromancer from Konami (¥617) and Langrisser ~Hikari no Matsui~ from Extreme (¥823). 

Today’s other new eShop releases include Blasting Agent Ultimate Edition from Rainy Frog (¥500) on 3DS and Back To Bed from Cross Function (¥1,000) and Rock ’N Racing GRAND PRIX from Cosen (¥500) on Wii U. Ice Station Z from Wobbly Tooth (¥500) was also announced for 3DS next week. A ton of new trailers added below…

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