Late Tuesday Update with Radiant Historia Remake, Seiken Densetsu Collection and more new games! 

Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology was announced by Atlus for Nintendo 3DS on 29 June as a complete remake with a new scenario added. Atlus will have a presentation this Sunday detailing new releases.

Seiken Densetsu Collection was announced by Square Enix for Nintendo Switch releasing on 1 June priced at ¥5,184 and containing the first three Seiken Densetsu games (Final Fantasy Adventure/Secret of Mana/Seiken Densetsu 3).

Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition is coming to Japan next week (29 March) on 3DS courtesy of Rainy Frog. It doesn’t look like the Wii U version is coming.

ACA NEOGEO Big Tournament Golf (Neo Turf Masters) is most likely coming to the JP Switch eShop this week as it’s been confirmed by Nintendo UK. Many thanks to @mschulze0!

Dragon Quest XI: Sugisarishi Toki o Motomete will finally get its release date announced on 11 April in a live presentation. Obviously I’ll cover it on the front-page!

Battle Princess Madelyn has more than achieved its Kickstarter goal in just a few days and should hit Nintendo Switch (and Wii U) early next year in Japan published by Flyhigh Works.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is officially coming to Switch with the Wii U version officially cancelled..

Entermix May 2017 issue includes a 36 page free guide featuring over 100 home consoles plus a Nintendo Switch themed interview with Shinya Takahashi and Yoshiaki Koizumi

Sega Forever was filed by Sega Games Co., Ltd. on 18 January 2017 although its unknown to what exactly it pertains.

Weekly Famitsu review scores this week see Mario Sports Superstars 30/40 (8/8/7/7) and VOEZ 31/40 (8/8/8/7). Tomorrow’s issue features Radiant Historia, Seiken Densetsu, 32 pages of Monster Hunter XX and Monster Hunter Frontier Z.

Super Mario Run Version 2.0.0 will also see more courses become available in Toad Rally after finishing W1-4 and Blue Toads and Green Toads cheering you on in Toad Rally which increases the number of items you can buy in Kingdom Builder.

Fire Emblem Heroes saw the Helping Hand Quests added which runs until 5 April.

Pokémon GO will soon be updated to version 0.59.1 (Android) and 1.29.1 (iOS) with the 7-day ‘First PokéStop of the Day’ streak now awarding a random Evolution item and minor text fixes.

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