Weekly News Update

● The highlight of the week was the awesome Talking Super Mario Animated Stickers available on the official Nintendo LINE account which is run by Kinopio-kun. The highlights included Samba de Toad and Peach bitch-slapping Bowser.

Detective Pikachu is finally coming to 3DS. Looking totally awesome it will be just ¥1,200 until the end of February where it will then increase to ¥1,500. The game is also number one in the eShop Charts despite only being available as a pre-load.

● The best selling Bike Rider DX series is seeing a fourth game on 3DS. Coming on 24 February for ¥680 the game is called something like Bike Rider DX – Atsumete! Choujuu Hunter and will feature Monster Hunter X DLC at a later date.

● Spike Chunsoft are bringing Terraria to both the Japanese 3DS and Wii U. The 3DS version is dated for 21 April priced at ¥4,104 for the retail version and ¥3,000 for digital. The Wii U version is without a date at present.

● Next week on the Wii U finally sees the Minecraft clone Cube Life: Island Survival for ¥1,000 plus both Konami Krazy Racers (¥702) and Touch! Kirby (¥950) on the Virtual Console (Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS).

Nintendo Badge Arcade was updated with some Egypt-themed Animal Crossing badges including Egypt Clothes Isabelle as well as yet more Pokémon (expect much more Pokémon in February). There’s two free goes as per normal.

● Nintendo 3DS themes this week saw five SHOW BY ROCK!! themes (¥200 each), two Nazo no Mini Game themes (¥150 each) and two Mamotte Knight 2 themes (¥200 each). Mamotte Knight 2 also featured a huge update and DLC for ¥864.

● Finally, I’m sure everybody reading this already knows that Bayonetta and Kamui (Corrin) are available in Super Smash Bros. later this week (4 February). Bayonetta is ¥650 on 3DS or Wii U and ¥750 on both. Kamui is ¥550 and ¥650.

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