Bayonetta and Kamui next week

● Bayonetta and Kamui (Corrin) are coming to Super Smash Bros. on 4 February priced at ¥650 for Bayonetta (¥750 for both 3DS and Wii U) and ¥550 for Kamui (¥650 for both). Six more Mii Fighter costumes will also become available (¥80 or ¥120 each). Japanese owners can also buy ALL the DLC at ¥8,020 on 3DS, ¥8,270 on Wii U or ¥10,930 for both. The trailer for Bayonetta and Kamui is at

● The Pocket Monsters Virtual Console games are available to pre-load now priced at ¥1,200. Remember Japan get four versions (Green!) but the Yellow/Pikachu version is original Game Boy as opposed to Game Boy Color. Speaking of Pokémon: Detective Pikachu is #1 on the eShop charts (as a pre-load).

● The debut trailer for River City Ransom SP is at with the teaser site at

Minecraft: Wii U Edition has overtaken Splatoon as the number one best selling Japanese Wii U eShop game of all time.

● Finally Nintendo Co. Ltd. stocks closed the week at a releatively impressive 16,655.0 up from 15,935.0 the week before.

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