Famitsu digital numbers for December

● In Famitsu digital numbers (well, estimates!) from 30 November until 3 January: Monster Hunter X sold 173,074, Minecraft: Wii U Edition sold 77,233, Monster Strike sold 11,822, Super Mario Maker sold 8,401 and Splatoon sold 7,507. Other numbers are for games that include retail + digital so the likes of Cube Creator and Battle Cats may’ expectations sold more but numbers are unknown. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer sold 4,805, Mario & Luigi RPG: Paper Mario Mix sold 4,336, Yokai Watch Busters sold 3,984, Animal Crossing: New Leaf sold 3,568, Genei Ibun Roku #FE sold 2,613, Rhythm Tengoku The ★ Best + sold 2,394 and Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life 2 sold 2,116. Four more 3DS games (all under 1,500) make up the top thirty.

● Huge update to Mamotte Knight 2 this morning which allowed for the purchase of the latest round of DLC. The FM Sound Pack is a massive ¥864 but includes twenty new levels from what I’ve seen and the ability to change protagonist mid-battle. The core game is an essential eShop purchase btw. I’ll comment more on the DLC after I finish Zelda Musou! Two more Mamotte Knight themes were also released at ¥200 each.

● Also available today on the 3DS -and also recommended- is Nazo no Mini Game for ¥500 by Mechanic Arms. The game takes plac in a tower somewhat like an RPG but with the need to play mini games to progress. Just like Mamotte Knight, there are two more Nazo no Mini Game themes available at ¥150 each.

● In Wii U news: next week sees Cube Life: Island Survival for ¥1,000 and both Konami Krazy Racers (¥702) and Touch! Kirby (¥950) on the Virtual Console (Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS). There’s also a trailer for Ginsei Shogi: Kyoutendo Toufuu Raijin at https://youtu.be/ytztE5tZoeY

● The 3DS smash-hit Cube Creator 3D received an update today. The game also has a guidebook coming on 29 January (pictured here priced at ¥994. Arc System Works really should release a retail package with the guidebook.

Zelda Musou: Hyrule All-Stars sold 54,856 week one where-as the Wii U original sold 78,733. Hopefully I’ll review this weekend as I’m having so much fun playing. That’s all for now but lots planned including the Latest Theme Charts, Mini Mario and Friends amiibo Challenge scans and tons more!

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