Pikachu, Terraria and Bike Rider games announced!

● Nintendo have finally confirmed Great Detective Pikachu (as Mei Tantei Pikachu for 3DS. It releases next week (3 February and will be ¥1,200 until 29 February and then ¥1,500 from 1 March. It’s available for pre-load right now.

● Spike Chunsoft are bringing Terraria to both the Japanese 3DS and Wii U. The 3DS version is dated for 21 April for ¥4,104 at retail and ¥3,000 for digital. I’ll confirm tomorrow whether these prices include tax. The Wii U version is without a date at present.

● The third new announcement today – and the fourth in the popular Bike Rider series for 3DS – is Bike Rider DX – Atsumete! Choujuu Hunter. It’s coming to the eShop on 24 February priced at ¥680.

● There was both a Nintendo 3DS System Update and Monster Hunter X update this morning. Answers on a postcard regarding what they actually do.

● Teyon Japan today confirmed Cube Life: Island Survival is still coming to Wii U but apologised for the fact that they are unable to give a date. A demo version is planned. Thanks to Keisuke from the excellent Source Gaming.

● The new Osomatsu-san game I spoke about last week and hoped it was for 3DS but assumed it would be for Vita will actually be for smartphones. And I shall speak of it no more.

● The only Weekly Famitsu review score relating to a Nintendo system is Asdivine Hearts (32/40) and the only Nintendo-related games we know about being covered tomorrow are Terraria and Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. Scans here by 16:00 GMT so see you then!

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