Four new amiibo and three new games!

● Four new Animal Crossing amiibo were announced for 24 March with Isabelle Summer Clothes, Kapp’n, Timmy & Tommy Nook and Rover priced at ¥1,296 each. The fourth series of Animal Crossing amiibo cards will also be available at ¥324 per pack of three plus a Nintendo 3DS amiibo set containing Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and Isabelle Summer Clothes amiibo at ¥5,400.

● D3 Publisher have announced two SIMPLE Series compilations to release at retail on 7 April priced at ¥2,700 apiece. SIMPLE Series For Nintendo 3DS Vol. 2: Escape From THE Backroom 1 and SIMPLE Series For Nintendo 3DS Vol. 3: Escape From THE Backroom 2 each contain five escape games released previously on the Japanese 3DS eShop.

● Pikii who recently localised Cave Story, 1001 Spikes and The Binding of Isaac are now bringing Elliot Quest to Japan. The side-scrolling retro RPG comes to the Japanese Wii U eShop this Spring priced at ¥1,000.

● A Dragon Ball: Project Fusion teaser site has opened up at

● The final Splatoon map ‘Ancho-V’ is coming to the Wii U in a few hours.

● The second promo video for the Mamotte Knight 2 DLC (out 27 January!) is at

The fifth gameplay video for Zelda Musou: Hyrule All-Stars is at

● And a gameplay video for Puzzle & Dragons X at

● I’ll update later with new news and check back this evening for the Nintendo Badge Arcade post!

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