Protect Me Knight 2 DLC announced

● I’ve finally updated the Japanese Nintendo Release Schedule at Apologies it took so long this week but starting back at uni was more time consuming than I originally envisioned.

● Next week finally sees DLC to my 2014 game of the year Mamotte Knight 2/Protect Me Knight 2 (buy this game now!) with new sound arrangement, new illustrations, new stages, a new difficulty setting and the ability to change character mid-game and more! There will also be two new themes. Footage of the update and themes at

● Serebii are reporting that the upcoming Pocket Monsters Virtual Console games will not have Restore Points like every other Virtual Console game (other than the Ambassador GBA games)

● The fourth gameplay video for Zelda Musou: Hyrule All-Stars is at I finally got to play the demo (on a New 3DS) and it’s absolutely awesome. I’m aware of some of the concerns original 3DS owners have however.

● The Witch & Hero II teaser site has opened up at which implies the release is imminent!

● The only new game we know about for next week is Mini Mario and Friends amiibo Challenge (which won’t be initially available directly on the eShop) although Battleminer and a secret Mechanic Arms game are supposed to release in January.

● Weekly Famitsu scores see Alien Panic! with 26/40, Box Boy! One More Box with 34/40, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash with 30/40 and Castle Crash with 26/40. Magazine scans here from around 15:30 GMT tomorrow!

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