1001 Spikes review

1001 Spikes prides itself on being brutally difficult. That’s the theme. It’s hard and you’ll die over and over again. If you haven’t heard, 1001 Spikes is a masochist platformer in which you start with 1001 lives to burn through while trying to beat the game. One hit kills, spikes pop out of the floor, and you’ll die many times.

1001 Spikes is quite famous and has been out since 2014 so I knew about its insane difficulty before I started playing. I was pleasantly surprised that I’m having laugh-out-loud fun dying over and over again trying to clear each stage. Every time you die the game immediately and almost mockingly reminds you that it’s auto-saving as if to say, yup, no re-dos. Then the level reloads extremely quickly giving you a chance to right whatever you did wrong a few seconds ago when you met your unfortunate end. So far the levels have a nice difficulty balance of being tough enough to kill me 5-10 times, but not so difficult as to make me throw my 3DS across the room. Yet. Please don’t make me throw my 3DS across the room… I just got the Monster Hunter X limited edition LL and I like it so much!

Once you’ve completed the game there are other modes to try, and I hear that it’s possible to unlock a variety of playable characters each with their own unique abilities. I’m sure this will be a game that I return to again and again over the years.

I give this game a solid 9 out of 10. If you like tough platformers and nice pixel art you can’t go wrong!

Many thanks to JapanNewbie for the review. Follow him @japannewbie today!

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