Yokai Sangokushi dated/Zelda Musou demo

● Another late and brief update (I’ve had both work and uni) but in some great news Yokai Sangokushi has been dated for 2 April and priced at ¥4,968. Go to http://www.level5.co.jp/products/youkai-watch/sangokushi.html for more information.

Zelda Musou: Hyrule All-Stars has a demo code inside the current CoroCoro (available now) with the demo assuredly coming to the eShop next week too. Another gameplay video is at http://youtu.be/kuzx7OKR40Y

● Five panels of Mario Kart 8 badges and five panels of Pokémon badges have been added to Nintendo Badge Arcade.

● Fortune cards and Mother wallpaper have been added to Nintendo’s official LINE account which is hosted by Kinopio-kun.

● A gameplay video for Haikyu!! Cross team match! at http://youtu.be/ZzIncEZWeJg

● And a promo video for
Gakuyu Unmei Kyodotai ~Friends in the Same RPG~
at http://youtu.be/410DqbklVhY

● The final planned weapon (the Custom Hydra Splatling) has been added to Splatoon. One more map to go now.

● The website for Musicverse Virtual Keyboard is now open at http://www.rainyfrog.com/musicverse/

● The latest Pokkén Tournament fighter announcement is for Chandelure.

Nintendo Co. Ltd. stocks closed for the week at 14,870.0 down from 15,370.0 last week.

● That’s all for now but plenty of content planned for this weekend including a 1001 Spikes review and more Famitsu scans!

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