Weekly News Update

● In total seven new games (plus two Virtual Console titles) were announced for Japanese 3DS and Wii U this past week the first seeing 3DS’s fifth Medabots game Medarot Girls Mission which is hitting stores on 10 March priced at ¥6,264. Again Kabuto and Kuwagata versions will be available with the game using the same engine as the action game Medarot Dual.

● The second new game is actually an unknown with Skipmore Games hoping to release another 3DS game in 2016 after they have finished work on Fairune II (they’re currently on the final boss!).

● Thirdly was Hal Laboratory/Nintendo surprisingly announcing (via actual release!) the sequel to Box Boy! with Box Boy! One More Box priced at ¥680. It’s absolutely recommend to all those that enjoyed the original.

● Kemco announced a couple of JRPG’s for release on Nintendo platforms next week (13 January) with Crusade Chronicle on 3DS and Asdivine Hearts as the only new Wii U announcement. Both games will be priced at ¥1,080 each.

● Not content with milking the Medabots franchise, Rocket Company also announced Pompompurin (working title) featuring the cute Sanrio dog in an action game for 3DS due this Spring priced at ¥5,184.

● The final new game is by Rideon Games who are bringing the PS Mobile/Vita game Adventure Bar Labyrinth to the Japanese 3DS eShop this Spring. The game is a rogue-like sequel to Adventure Bar Story.

● The two Wii U Virtual Console announcements are both Game Boy Advance title with Polarium Advance and Rockman EXE 4.5 Real Operation. Both games are priced at ¥702 each.

● Onlt three new themes this week with Animal Crossing: Snow Play (¥200), Nemuneko Friends ♪ Happy New Year!! (¥200) and an Osomatsu-san theme (¥250). There’s also a first party theme sale with ten themes priced at ¥100 apiece.

Nintendo Badge Arcade took the off-centre route with five panels of Lawson mascots (Ponta the Raccoon and Akiko-chan), six from Kirby Super Deluxe and one each from Nintendo DS and Nintendo 64.

Kinopio-kun also updated the official Nintendo LINE account with a tie-in with Box Boy including images of a box wearing a Toad hat, two drawings by Kinopio-kun of the Box Boy and Girl plus Kinopio-kun resembling Jabba the Hut.

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