New Box Boy! game released

In a huge surprise a new Box Boy! game was released for 3DS with ハコポーイ! もう ひと ハコ available now for ¥680 with the website opened up here.

Announced for next week is the puzzler Alien Panic! for just ¥200 and the latest Kemco JRPG Crusade Chronicle for ¥1,080. Another couple of digital manga (I”s Volume 1-9 for ¥4,500 and i ● Girl color version Volume 1-3 for ¥1,800) are also releasing next week alongside digital versions of three Tetsudou Nippon! games (Eizan, Kashima and Nagara).

On Wii U there is another Kemco JRPG with Asdivine Hearts again for ¥1,080 as well as the Virtual Console titles Polarium Advance for ¥702 and Rockman EXE 4.5 Real Operation also for ¥702.

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