Welcome to Japanese Nintendo!

● A few changes have taken place as we enter a new year: firstly the homepage has changed to Japanese Nintendo which implies the second change with the extension of coverage beyond Japanese 3DS onto Wii U, NX, mobile and anything else relevant!

● Thirdly, the layout has been updated with some new amazing headers (thanks Brion). Fourthly, the content which will include reviews for two of the greatest games of 2015 –Fire Emblem if and Monster Hunter X– later this weekend, plus much more!

● Now onto actual news and Baito-kun updated the Japanese Nintendo Badge Arcade with New Year’s Nikki, Ashley, Animal Crossing, Pokémon, Tomodachi Collection food and pixelated Mario badges! There are two free goes today, tomorrow and Sunday too!

● Kinopio-kun updated Nintendo’s LINE account including a January calendar and a drawing of Donkey Kong! Just a reminder that the expansive 30% off eShop sale has now begun and there’s some amazing New Year’s Mario Hanafuda wallpaper here!

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