Next week on the eShop

To be updated but thus far includes EXCAVE: Alien World (pictured) which is an RPG-y game with random dungeons by Mechanic Arms costing ¥1,300 with the official site now

Secondly the puzzler Pick-a-Gem by Teyon Japan which will cost ¥400. The aim is to match three coloured gems. Go to for more.

Oh, there’s also the retail games on the eShop: Hamatora: Look at Smoking World (¥6151), Gundam: Try Age SP (¥6,145) and Hoppe-chan Minna de Odekake! Waku Waku Hoppe-land (¥5,184).

Update: the other two games are the already posted 3D Fantasy Zone II at ¥823 and the excellently titled visual novel Theological July at just ¥200. Again no Virtual Console:-(