Tomodachi Life twelve months on

Tomodachi Collection: New Life was released in Japan exactly twelve months ago today and my original plan to celebrate the anniversary was to re-review the game on the eve of its Western release (6 June) but since that has already been done (10/10!) I thought it’d be more effective to recap a full day of Tomodachi Life. I’ll add to this post though-out the day:-

6:52: The day always starts with me going to the fountain area to collect payment from the Miis. President Iwata is the first and all dressed (by himself, not by me!) in a jester outfit! ¥20,120 is collected. Enough for four retail titles! The fountain area then becomes a foods tall with Mattman selling some deep-fried concoction with ketchup for a reduced price. Next stop the fashion emporium with today’s item being a homemade robot looking affair. I like the green!

Final stop before bed (real-life bed!)! is check out the Miis! My Mii is asleep and dreaming of a giant sea monster Brion! The only Miis with issues are Tymek (wearing his little hamster number) wanting to be Tomodachis with Brion which goes well and Mattman playing guess the Mii. I won some lipstick but wanted the teddy bear! I’ll feed the Miis later when more are awake. Thanks for following!

12:26: Marc is selling a pink girl’s top in the open grass area, I’m guessing not from his personal collection whilst Tymek is supping coffee in Tobakaido (the café). Next stop – check the status update of Bri Bri (my Mii) who is at President Iwata’s!. One favourite meal (sad to say it’s not vegetarian) and a cup of coffee later and I’m now the proud owner of a green robot outfit! Meanwhile Marc, Ryan, Ikay and Louie are all hanging out playing Wii U!

KL wants a new hat and is adequately impressed with his monkey hood. My youngest son Dalekid is playing 3DS with Ryan (who sure gets around a bit!) and the President and wants to sneeze. I fail with the feather:-/ Ikay demands food and receives soup, paella and a CD player! PeePants Is on the phone whilst President Iwata and Ryan are both putting on make-up together!

13:39: I’m at the fun fair! President Iwata is shocked by his weight! KL is dancing hilariously to his stereo! I love this game! OMG My Mii is going up in the big wheel with his best friend Thay! I think Thay saw me! I’ll play again in a couple of hours for the retro JRPG!

15:00: Retro RPG time with QLee, Ikay, Thay and PeePants! We had a few issues with the coffee cup before battling the dungeon boss (a high heel). Thay followed by QLee are first to perish. Eek! PeePants has used up his MP (Ikay hasn’t any magic) and they are reduced to just 13 and 11 HP respectively but several sword blows later and the high heel is defeated!

17:09: At 5pm the fair closes with a stall opening up with a mystery ¥5,000 grab bag. Sadly it’s not a Super Potato grab bag. PeePants is the seller. First item a toy robot (sadly it serves no function in-game), a hamster cage room decoration and a glass of water! Random! Next stop the Mii apartment block – Brion wants to be Tomodachis with Mattman which again goes well and I get a snow globe for my efforts!

18:38: After giving Ikay some pills for his headache and it’s time for the word ending game where competing Miis have to end a word or something like that. Team Ikay (with Marc and President Iwata) take on Team Tymek (with Thay and Zanreo). Team Ikay win! I think PeePants is dead. Zanreo is playing with her new pet dog, KL utters some obscenities and that’s all for now!

4:36: My last visit to my Tomodachi Island for the day and PeePants is indeed alive as he’s listening to music with my Mii anf Thay! KL is having a hide-and-seek dream where all the hiders fall from a tree, QLee is having the revolving door dream with Ryan hiding behind the door whilst Vanian dreams she’s a keychain on a backpack in the woods. As you do!